Tuesday, November 8, 2011

White Acorn Squash

The other night I decided to make Jack some squash. I read that you can bake it, and since I was already using the oven to make dinner, I decided to also put that in. I totally forgot to take a picture of it before I cut it, but you get the idea.

I started with one medium size squash and cut it in half length wise. I then placed it flesh side down in a glass pan and covered with about an inch of water. I baked for about 30 minutes on 400 degrees.

When I was able to poke it with a fork and have it go in easily I knew it was done. I then let it cool while we ate dinner.

After it cooled I used a spoon to take out all the inside. At one point some of the "meat" looked a little stringy. I was able to go around it and got a lot of the cooked squash out of the skin.
Unlike the sweet potato, I didn't have to add any water that it was cooked it. It seemed to hold a lot of the water and was pretty easy to get it to the consistency that I wanted.
Then, just like the sweet potato, I spooned it into the ice cube trays.
Cover with plastic wrap and place in the freezer.

Just like before, pop out of the trays and place in a freezer bag.

I didn't have Jack try it right away, as I wanted him on the sweet potato for a couple days. Tonight was the night that he was going to try it. He was pretty fussy at first and Joey was making dinner, so I didn't get any pictures of him trying it.

We have a pretty busy rest of the week, but I am off on Friday, so I think I am going to make him some brown organic rice with peaches!

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